Sun rise

I woke up thirsty but I’m too lazy to go get water.
I’m at a point where my interest in life is waning quickly. Nothing catches my fancy these days. I bare-chest-sit-on-my-chair-trying-so-hard-to-look-like-plato as I consider my thoughts while the sun is beautifully erected at the morning star – it won’t be beautiful in 3 hours time when it makes my skin rain. But for now, let’s enjoy its splendour. At least, that still catches my attention.
I wonder why people like me exist, why my head is more fucked than my pudendum. I look through the window as I perceive the smell of weed. Don’t these guys get tired? I regulate my breaths as I regulate my thoughts.
I convince myself this love thing is not for everybody. Some hearts can’t withstand the constant tachycardia it offers. I remember something else I’m still very much interested in, AKARA!
I consider my options. I decide emotional stress is not worth it.
You ever had a heart break before having a heart break? Like pre-heart break? My mind is vain.
I lay my head on my palm as light dew is dispensed from my anterior brain extension, yet I doubt this is csf.
I remember I’m still thirsty.

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