Yeux Dei

Dead. That was the state of the author of life, like he hadn’t read his own publication.
He wasn’t a hen yet he lay, lay still. Cold like his disciples had said our love would grow; what would the righteous do now that fallen was our foundation?
For three days Life was unalife, hidden down below, away from light
And it was questionable to say the least, if this was truly the Christ
Second by second, hour upon hour, our faith faltered and our hopes derailed
Where was the God he had told us of? We watched as our hope of success failed.
Beaten. That was our situation, and we like Adam hadn’t yet faced the serpent
And someone mentioned that this man called Jesus claimed to be a native of heaven yet lacked the divine accent
He sounded just like the rest of us. Mortal.
And as our faith in God crumbled like the tower of Babel at the word of God, the word of God was opened to us like a portal
And on the Sunday, the Word of God was risen. Like the flower, he rose.
And love had grown cold. It was no shock our hearts froze.
Our knees became weak and our voices cracked as our brains refused to believe the image portrayed by our eyes.
Jesus stood alive. Impossible was the only word transmitted through our neural synapses as our action potentials realised
Realised there was a divine potential. With our visions perfectly clear, we noticed we were blind. And though we saw the word, we couldn’t see through it like Eli.
And all the way we had been viewing things from our own perspective, limited by our heights and we lied.
We came to see that we couldn’t see above our selves and above our obstacles. We were at the end of a tunnel without real light.
We like the blind man need Jesus to mix his spit with mud and put dirt on our faces so we might see life
We like the blind man need Jesus to mix spit with mud and put death on our faces so we might see life
The image produced by our optic tract made from the rays of the sun was from the wrong source, and I
I discovered we could never truly see until our vision was derived from God’s eyes.

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