“Shh!” that’s the sound they expect us all to hear in our heads to the silence that we’ve conjured from all the screams of nothings we’ve been making. We’ve all for so long been really fighting hard to make word plays, our words are no longer serious enough to mean anything meaningful. We’ve all been bent to think this – everything we see everyday and have been forced to live with – is normal.

“Puberty is just a phase. Adolescence is an age range right?”At age 10, it’s normal if we watch porn as long as our parents don’t catch us. At age 12 we should have had our first kiss or we really are not doing things the way they’re done now. At age 14, fashion should so rule our life and world and nothing should seem more appealing than that new shoe or that hairstyle that is trending. And we’re made to believe it’s normal this is the period you should grow pimples and have X-ray vision being able to picture a girl naked yet she being dressed with a whole armour.
This is normal right? Why should we complain?
Bent have our minds been, shape shifted to fit in a small box they now call your cranium and force you to think within.

“People do these things” It’s normal for every teenager to be addicted to their phone more than to actually living. And being sad is a phase of life every ‘smart?’ person goes through. It’s perfectly fine, in fact, it’s encouraged for every youth to limit their thought processes to just things they understand and just things they should think of, like being presentable to the opposite sex, and being present with the opposite sex, and being a present to the opposite sex, and not wanting the opposite sex anymore, but practicing opposite sex. This is the 21st century, and anything goes. Anything but our stupidity. Our stupidity stays. So many a time, people that even want to bend out of being bent, and become straight and not be gay like everyone else and not be ordinary, end up being ordinary in their extraordinary aspirations.

And if your brain has not tired out at this point, and you’ve actually read to this part of this write up, they’ll tell you it’s all gibberish. “Give it no thought. It’s just a troubled mind blabbing at past midnight.” But that’s not not expected. They want you to be just like the rest. They’ve even put voices in your head. You’re using one of the voices to read this now. But by all means, play your part. We, humans, have found a means to survive through the ages and places. It’s called adaptation. So I will not blame you if you close this page at the end of this having nothing stirred up within your emptiness. You too, want to survive. They’ll find a way to end you before you renegade. But we should all live within our means. Life is too short to make it shorter. You can’t escape from yourself, so hide behind it. Hide behind it and just shh!

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