Useless Vexation

So I finally decided people do not have a clue on how to sympathize with those grieving
They turn up to you asking the silliest questions, making stupid statements, so they, not you, can feel better when leaving.
“Are people still saying bad things to you?” “Do you feel better now?” “Are you okay?”
As if that is not bad enough, they go “Time heals everything” “People never appreciate no matter what” “You’ll understand this is all in God’s plan, someday”
Man, y’all suck a dick! Don’t give me your bullshit I-was-only-trying-to-sympathize-with-you face when I give a rude comeback.
I didn’t plan on having any of these. I’m okay. I’m not bothered about things getting better. I want my old quiet life back. I didn’t plan on losing it. I didn’t plan that.

PS: There’s an unwritten rule of people stopping the sympathy and show of affection after 3 days. That’s how it be. That’s when they stop the back pats at night and the sorry stares, and “Guy howfar na?” is the returned greeting they have. That’s when their conscience becomes guilt-free when they pass by, snubbing you. That’s when…

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