Someday you’ll find someone
Someone addicted to your roots and wants to live where you come from
A person so intrigued by you, they can’t do without
That’ll love every single bit of you without a doubt.
One day, that person would come along
That’d think you’re Mr Right. In essence you’re never wrong
That’ll love your features. The contour of your nose
And how your eyeball fades its browness into the white of your eyes and how it goes

Time would come when someone would adore your face without makeup
And would worship your face with make up on.
A guy that would kiss your forehead in front of his friends and behind them
And would be there to calm your nerves about the nightmare you just woke up from
One day, when all is gone, there’ll still be someone by your side
Who’ll make you forget to miss every loved one that has ever died.
But that day is not today. Take a chill and not cry about your heartbreak
Chest-out-look-up-smile into believing you’re fine. That’s some aspirin for your heartache.

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