Slow Down

Look at us.
Always in haste, always in a rush.
Seem to be lost in the concept of time, always late.
I guess that’s why they call it the “Human race”.
Some lead perfect lives, and others are not really sure if they live.
A few are born to make changes, while others are just here to breed.
They say humans are the most intelligent animals, and some make me question that.
Signs of stupidity in science, and foolishness now considered an art.
We forget to live, in a bid to find our reason for being alive.
We keep driving ourselves crazy with theology, each time forgetting life is a cool ride.
Learn to enjoy the slow walks, the power cuts, the poor network.
Smile through the poor weather, the bad leaders, whether or not corrupt.
Life is about the memories lived, the anger when your friend flashes you and it’s a missed call.
You realise then and there, the human race is not really a race afterall.

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