The skies darken. It reminds me of that night. My steps quicken. I cannot bear to have another male species of this wicked human existence follow me through a narrow part today like one did two months back. My heart races faster than my legs. It’s palpitating. I can literally feel my heart beat. 120 beats since I started counting and I doubt it’s been a minute. Is that normal? My eyes are leaking tears and my brain wants to only leave this darkness. How did I stay out this late? I suddenly miss the warmth of my usually despised home. Where’s Richard? I need his heart right now to fold myself on. It gets colder. It gets windier. I hear footsteps. I run. My thoughts race faster than my legs and heart. I might fall anytime. I feel something touch me. I scream. The number of touches increase. This is it. I calm down to breathe. I realize it’s only rain. I see Richard afar off. Haah. Woosah. Calm. Petrichor.

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