If I Died…

What would change if I died? What would be different?
How many would be sad? What would be the population at the riquelm?
Would the sun still rise the same? Would the morphology of laughters change?
Would anybody even feel a sense of guilt? Would there be pain? 
What would change if I died? Would my family have dinner that night?
How long would I be mourned. How many would envy my plight? 
Would my siblings go to school the next day? Would they learn? 
Would I be buried with my grandpa, where would I stand? 
If I died today, what would be different? What would be odd?
How I made an impact on lives or how people couldn’t wait till I met God? 
Would my classmates be sad? Would the school be quiet?
Who would give the eulogy? Would there be more than a minute’s silence?
How many will really miss me? How many will remember? 
Who would keep the date in May if I died in September
Who would not care? Who’d say “he deserved to die”
If I died today, dear friend, would you ever cry? 

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