The Lady You Shot

Today seemed normal when I woke up. The sun was already up by 7, a bit too hot for the morning, but asides that, everything looked perfect.
I rushed out of bed as tradition and ran through my morning rituals rushing to get to work.
I left my wrist watch of course, my rush keeps doing that to me.
And while I was on that bus, wishing it could move faster but knowing it wouldn’t.
While my mind was racing through the day’s activity with my head still stuck in one place with no net displacement, –
You were there, taking notes. You were there, on my watch.
I still don’t get why you didn’t do it at home. It would have been neat. But you have your reasons I guess.
I could feel it. I could perceive it. I didn’t feel anything strange and that was strange.
My workplace was already roudy by 8:15. Normal.
The security guards said hello before opening the door. Normal.
My office was a mess from yesterday. I left it as it was. Normal.
I had an urge to pee at 9:26. The toilet was fearfully spotless. Normal.
So why did you decide to do it on a normal day?
Why did you not wait for me to finish pouring out useless fluid probably acquired from a cheap drink I took last night, before splitting the front of my forehead with a tiny bullet.
Couldn’t you let me be relieved first?

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