I’ve watched you for two years now. You have no idea how hard it has been for me to hold back.
Stay back and watch from afar. To keep imagining what you smelled like.
I had ideas. You probably smelled like freshly baked cake with almost soured kunu topping.
I’m obsessed with how you walk. Your swagger turns me on like a switch, when you switch steps.
No, it’s not love. It’s not love I have for you. My feelings can really not be described with just words.
What I feel for you is an emotion bent out of shape confined to repetitive singularity.
Every moment, I do one thing: stare.
I love to just see you. See you there being unaware of being spied on.
I stretched my watch tonight longer than I should. There’s been a glitch.
Did you see me from the outside of your eyes through your mirror or is it just my paranoia?
I consider the events and reason my not well thought out plan.
It’s better I stay hidden. It’s better I’m sure. I hate guesses. I hate suspense.
My lips twitch and my tongue twirls.
I decide tonight is the time I finally smell your skin and taste your flesh.
You turn around.
I come out from behind the curtains.
You start to want to scream.
I cut it off.
Just before your eyes close for the last time, I notice an anomaly.
You have a bit of dark blue in your pale brown eyes.
You weren’t that perfect afterall.

11 thoughts on “Louisa

  1. Absolu….. Oh wait, I don’t have that almost soured kunu smell… Darn it!!! I was so close…so close!!!😒 damn all those “almost-soured-kunu” smelling prey😒


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