Banging Obsession

I like looking on your face
I like the way the contours of your cheek bones make my pupils dilate each time my brain interpretes a reflection as yours
Sometimes, I don’t stay quiet because I lack what to say
I stay quiet because you make me lack what to say
Because at that instant, my brain forgets about its other functions and wants to take all of you through my eyes
Those awkward silences you thought we had,
I was merely being astounded, worshipping every latidunal variation of your pale brown iris
You may never have noticed, but I don’t exactly know the distinction in your voice,
Because I forget to listen while paying too close attention
I once thought I had Ondine’s curse from all the times I forgot to breath with you around
You’re my weakness
I never want to be strong
You’re my ill health
I never want to be cured
You’re my…

Cloud Talk

When normal people walk towards the moonlight,
Soft slow music does not come on as their shadows are being cast behind
You make things a tad different
You elicit a sandstorm in my mind each time your eyes flicker
The pursing of your lips cause a tingling whistling of Mozart in my inner ear
You’re a white friendly cloud, the type that shields people from too much sun
I, on the other hand, am a mean dark evil one, I bring down the rains
You’re the stable point in my earthquake-ravaged heart
I can never finish a poem about you
You, my 5pm-about-to-set-sun
My lightning volume rain of thundering perfection
I could never finish a…

Bang Bang Bang

How could anyone not love this beautifully crafted human body?
I get scared each time your hands move towards your face to hide your goodly teeth and imperfect laugh
I fear I might become hypertensive with the way you cause an increase in the beat of my heart
I used to get jealous I had to share you with others
Until I understood that I alone couldn’t handle all your fineness
You’re a time bomb with no switch, no alarm; just an explosion waiting to happen
Can I be your bang?
You must be a comma, the number of times you’ve caused my head to stop and my heart to pause
I could never explain in detail
Can I be your bang?
When my bones become weak, can I still hold your hands?

Priestly Predicaments

Paint my nose purple with your lipstick
Bring my coloured robe to your feet
Put a ring on my fingers and bless my soul with perfume
Drill a hole in my heart, put yourself in my shoes
Arrange a path for my feet
Spray my face with your lips
Line my thoughts with your ignorance
Hold my soul in your hands
My life is an old wretched theme park
Come amuse yourself in this boulevard
My soul carries rust from all the waters of heartbreak that has bathed it
Put a veil over my eyes, so I can be blinded by the hate I’m faced with
Grant my eyebrows your soft palm
Plant palm trees on the surface of my lungs
Give me your pot of porridge
That too is my birthright
Put me inside your birth orifice
Because tonight shall be my rebirth night
Stun my neck with black obsidian rose
Fill my burrows with green Armenian gold
I am ancient royalty
Today, I am 10483200 seconds old
Don’t waste my last one
Eschew getting my nerves up
Shoot me in the gray parts of my chest
Call all the pros and make a play today
What best would you do on my birthday?


I’ve taught myself to bow
My hands to shake
Not shake as in tremors
Shake as in what milk does when it meets someone for the first time 
I’ve taught my heart to love
And my mind to ignore
I’ve taught my eyes to smile
And my lips to kiss
Kiss you goodbye
Kiss you hello
Kiss you “I loved the meal”
I’ve tutored my voice to be soft
And my mind to be hard
Hard to get?
Hard working?
Hard on?
I’ve tutored myself all I know
Why do you now ask for fees?

Please Do

-Don’t laugh with me wildly and hug me under the rain and stroke my bearded cheek
-Don’t playfight with me and use your soft fist to tap my chest
-Don’t tell me stories of yourself and your ex and all your heartbreaks
-Don’t hold my hands in yours and lean your head on my shoulder
-Don’t listen to the songs I like and watch movies with me
-If you wouldn’t love me
-Because showing me so much care while holding yourself back is already a heart attack
-A heart break
-Waiting in the woods, for me to face
-Stay away from me if you’re not ready to love me
-Don’t come close if you’re not ready to stay


I still say sorry for every lie

For everytime I withheld the truth 

I’m sorry for all the times I told you you’re perfect 

You’re not

But that’s what I love about you the most

Let’s finish each other’s imperfect tales

Be the fullstop to my sentence 

I’ll be your comma

Would that be okay? 

Do you forgive me? 

Meninism 101

And no matter what they say, don’t believe ’em
When they go on and on on how necessary they are, know you don’t need them
These beings, the species called women
Built to destroy the man, and they might deny that intent
I’ve seen them; watched them in action as they beautifully craftfully in-the-most-unnoticeable-manner destroy men who couldn’t perceive their modus operandi
Some might not know how dangerous they are to you; ask Solomon Grundy
What or who really killed him?
And these beings are the same ones that caused all the wars fought against by Mahatma
Innocently deceitful lustful eyes, intelligent brains, beautiful faces, powerful lying tongues, all but to sway you to your downfall
Dear young man, I have no proof of their acts because they are sleek in their plans
But no matter what they say, don’t believe ’em
And when they sound convincing that they’re important, tell yourself you don’t need them
These beings called women
These beings called women


I am the soul of the undead
I am the tamed beast caged on my jungle bed
I am the direct paradox of my intentions
I am

I am the fallen hero never born
I am every single black man gunned down
I am the ghost of Hitler
I am

I am a toddler at 56
I am the crested Armenian gibberish tatted across the sternum of an unbecoming Imam
I am the brother of the sunken ships
I am

I am the reflection of a spirit
I am the hidden pun in the scriptures
I am unaware of my true self
I am Nigeria