Priestly Predicaments

Paint my nose purple with your lipstick
Bring my coloured robe to your feet
Put a ring on my fingers and bless my soul with perfume
Drill a hole in my heart, put yourself in my shoes
Arrange a path for my feet
Spray my face with your lips
Line my thoughts with your ignorance
Hold my soul in your hands
My life is an old wretched theme park
Come amuse yourself in this boulevard
My soul carries rust from all the waters of heartbreak that has bathed it
Put a veil over my eyes, so I can be blinded by the hate I’m faced with
Grant my eyebrows your soft palm
Plant palm trees on the surface of my lungs
Give me your pot of porridge
That too is my birthright
Put me inside your birth orifice
Because tonight shall be my rebirth night
Stun my neck with black obsidian rose
Fill my burrows with green Armenian gold
I am ancient royalty
Today, I am 10483200 seconds old
Don’t waste my last one
Eschew getting my nerves up
Shoot me in the gray parts of my chest
Call all the pros and make a play today
What best would you do on my birthday?

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