Banging Obsession

I like looking on your face
I like the way the contours of your cheek bones make my pupils dilate each time my brain interpretes a reflection as yours
Sometimes, I don’t stay quiet because I lack what to say
I stay quiet because you make me lack what to say
Because at that instant, my brain forgets about its other functions and wants to take all of you through my eyes
Those awkward silences you thought we had,
I was merely being astounded, worshipping every latidunal variation of your pale brown iris
You may never have noticed, but I don’t exactly know the distinction in your voice,
Because I forget to listen while paying too close attention
I once thought I had Ondine’s curse from all the times I forgot to breath with you around
You’re my weakness
I never want to be strong
You’re my ill health
I never want to be cured
You’re my…

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