​We found love in a hopeless place
Only you haven’t realized it yet

I heard we couldn’t do without each other
I tried sending someone some love and my check bounced. I’ve spent all my love on you

I heard your favourite lips are mine
And I have two pairs of lips I love. Both are yours

I heard you hated dark-skinned guys till you met me
I heard people say I am a lucky man

Your face is like 3 am winter windy moonlit sky
Your eyes are brazen with perfection.

I might forget our anniversary one day
Because there is no calendar for eternity

My favourite thing to do is to look at our wedding pictures.
And we’re not even married yet.

We’ll live happily after ever
That’s two days after the world ends

We found love in a hopeless place
Only you haven’t realized it yet

Past Time

She became everything she was once afraid of.
And the monsters she used to have under her bed
– Moved into the mirror.
She once used to have a dark soul.
But after watching her heart pierced through by an arrow shot by her bow,
She no longer had a soul to begin with.
She never really died from the hurt,
But she didn’t survive. She lost her life.


Don’t talk to me about trauma and hurt and pain and betrayal and fear
Don’t write poems depicting heartbreak and tattered hope
Don’t fill your ink with hate because a relationship of yours turned sour
I am West African
Back at home, we don’t cry over heartbreaks from people
My sister never broke down because her boyfriend raised his voice over her
Don’t tell me what it feels like losing your all because someone broke a promise to love you forever
I lost my family when I went on an errand down the street
Don’t tell me what it feels like to lose a lover
I lost all of mine
Don’t write about having your mind blown
I watched my home blow up
I still hear the voice of my mother screaming whenever I see fire or a whim of smoke
Don’t tell me not to cry over spilt milk
At home, we cry over spilt blood
We aren’t heartbroken because someone broke a promise
We are down trodden because someone made one
Made a promise to make us never have people to make promises to
Don’t tell me it’ll get better
Don’t cry with me
Don’t apologize
Don’t say sorry


I don’t love you
I never did
It was more of an admiration
I loved your skin
I adored how it looked on camera
Your aesthetic beauty
I wasn’t attracted to you
I was too impure to soil your perfection
I loved your skin
And the way it felt on mine
And I loved how you smiled
How your lips parted and curved voluntarily
I loved the shadow your eyelashes cast on the white of your eyes
I liked how you walked
How it seemed like your feet barely touched the ground
I loved the small of your back
And the line that coursed through the middle
I loved your ass dimples
I loved your naturally perfect nails
I loved your long hairless legs and perfect ass
Don’t blame me for wanting someone else
Don’t blame me for never loving you
You were just a tad too perfect
And perfection is meant for the art gallery, not my living room


I thought Hurricane Katrina was the worst to ever be till I witnessed what falling in love felt like. And I saw that a volcanic eruption happening within a hurricane was but a child’s play, compared to the irregular beatings you could stir in my heart. And in all my naivety. In all my pristine belief that love was powerful, I never imagined hate to be stronger.
I’ve been through hell, came back in the same condition. I’ve dined with demons and shared a bath with Beelzebub. I’ve had an orgasm on film and sent the tape to my African parents. But I’ll forever fear falling in love with another person, after what you made me go through with you.


When she called for help, I assumed she needed an escape until I saw the blade lodged into the centre of her back. Her father tried to spare her the horrors to come, but he only  succeeded in taking away her succor that would have been in those times of horror – her soul. I cried for a few months, but it was sadder because despite all the pain she felt, she could never shed a tear. 


She was everything in his eyes
Beautiful with a twinkle of perfection
If she ever could see through his eyes
She would have hated her exes more

She was perfection to him
An out of shape perfected being
But the thickness of skin never controlled these things
Neither did the amount of food eaten

She always walked like she was in haste
And even when they held hands, she never slowed
He comforted himself saying she had a fast mind
And she was intoxicated with speed, as him with her

He had not kissed a lot of girls in his lifetime
But to him she always looked like she wanted a kiss
And the only thing that always checked him
Was his mind, because he knew she didn’t like him like that

She was Artemis
He was Apollo
He always wished, that in another life
They’ll never be siblings

He loved her perfectly
She never saw that
She always wanted someone with a good heart
He wasn’t the one because he already offered her his only one.


Every time I told you how much you meant to me

You went cold like mid Atlantic early 3:45am winter 

All I ever wanted was to hear an “I love you too” or at least a smile in return

Guess I might as well give up my wishes, just like I’ve given you up 

I hope your soul doesn’t burn along with your body

You’ve always been cold to me, it’s fun watching you warm up slowly

I always wanted a  fire conversation

I finally achieved it talking to your cremated murdered body


So scared of the word ‘love’ we often abused so many terms to describe what we both knew we felt
– For each other.
And we lied to ourselves.
And though some words never made it to our mouths,
They never left our hearts
We both knew the truths we never spoke

Last Site

She seemed like she was attempting to swallow the whole of me into her mind as she stared right into the blue in the black of my eyes. Her voice was strong yet she sounded broken. We held ourselves in cold embrace of shattered hopes as if it would help in some way to absorb the shock. She tried not to say goodbye or to cry. I didn’t. I let the tears freely fall like a hiker that had his ropes cut high on a mountain. We both loved ourselves. We both were perfect for each other. But life didn’t think so. I watched her life get darker the moment my breath got cut off. I died still holding her hands, hoping she would somehow survive the grief.
All the novels and poems lied. There’s no better place after here. I could never find anywhere better than her arms.