I really can’t recall what happened
What made us vibe so hard
I wanted your body at first
Until the first date we had
Then I thought,
“Being the grim reaper wouldn’t be so useless”
Cos I want your soul as well
You’re a quirky princess
You’re not a perfect 10
You’re a 13
A weird odd prime number
You look like a Saturday in heaven
Your forehead knows my middle name
It keeps calling out to me for a kiss
I wonder how you never noticed
This isn’t even a poem lol
It’s a pretext I made up to ask you a favour
Can you be my thunderstorm?
My perfect excuse to stay indoors
– under my sheets
You think your being long sighted is a defect
I think it’s a blessing cos I never see far enough
Maybe we could plan out a future together, large and little
And you’d make all the long term goals
I want to be “goals” with you
If you ever become a waiter,
I’d request for your services a lot
The only thing I’d want served, is your smile
Show daddy your gap tooth
Let’s mix our juices and never be malnourished
I want to be a hoe for you 😁

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