Maybe he never was meant to make it
He strived to stand out so hard
All his life, he missed the point
Maybe failure was the difference he had
Because he keeps trying to be better
But the only thing he’s good at, is being nothing
He was never meant to lead, he agreed
He and laziness had always been courting
At least, that made him stand out
And that’s all he ever wanted
Being on the first step of the ladder
Never being at risk of falling is an advantage


I always thought you readable
In my head, your pages were made of Rizla
And if you ever let me,
I’d memorise you cover to cover, over and over
Your table of contents would be the first page I’d open
Do you remember?
I always loved nights
When skin touched skin, bliss was blended
In those days, getting you to trust me was herculean
You laughed at my dry jokes, you never got my cues
Maybe I was never clear enough
My intentions were probably misconstrued
I once called you “Gold Fish”
You never realized all I wanted was to make you the initials
You were never a princess
You were born a queen, strictly regal
I never was attracted to you
But I loved you all the same
If you were a novel,
You’d be a mystery in genre and in name
Someone once said “life is short”
I asked what he compared it to
Because my days have been long and weary
Since I started spending them without you
Sometimes I miss you
Some nights, you’re the last thing I think of
I sometimes use high strung words to sound smart
But I knew I was dumb when I liked you and didn’t speak up


I know a girl I should propose to
I know someone I don’t deserve
she is a dilemma to rationalism
I wonder how I wasn’t curved

I know a girl I don’t deserve
I know someone I should propose to
silver and gold I have none
but I could steal some from my mom for you

I know someone beautiful
I know what her skin tastes like
she is a mix of puritan and evil
her face is a feature of God’s scribble

I know a girl named Kabooba
she looks like perfection that’s seen bliss
I finally found meaning to my write ups
my penis useless without Inki♥


If doctor Oz was real
If I ever meet a genie
If I could have a wish granted
I’d ask to be turned into your breasts
Because asides wanting them,
Being them is what I’ve always wanted

I wouldn’t mind never having hands
If I could ever be your breasts
I wouldn’t mind if I could never eat
Asides them being always full.
Asides being able to hug you forever
They can always feel your heartbeat

If I were your breasts
Best believe you’d never wear a bra
Cos I’d always want to be as close as I can
I’d be the first to know when you get horny
I’d never waste an opportunity
Make sure to always please you without hands

Being your breasts has always been my wish
But has never been my dream
Because if I were your boobs
I wouldn’t be your lover then
And some other man would touch me with his hands

Your breasts are beautiful
Maybe I’m crazy to dedicate a poem to them
Maybe you should introduce us to ourselves
I’m sorry to whoever it is they are
Best believe I’m getting my hands all over them
They should have thought it through before asking to be your breasts


We always had jokes
I would be your doctor
You would be my lawyer
Some days when I went through hell,
Seeing your face would make me realize, maybe heaven wasn’t somewhere we had to die to get to
You restored my faith in a living deity
This much perfection couldn’t have evolved
I spent every of your last days by your side
I questioned God every day
He never replied
In your final moments,
You lost weight, all your bones became evident
But you see, I broke one promise in those times
The promise that I’d never lie to you
I lied that you were still pretty
You weren’t
But I loved you the same
I monitored your vital signs
I even counted…
I counted your last breath
It didn’t seem forced or struggled
I never think about a wedding, but I always thought about when you could be called my wife
How much of a lie fate turned it all to be
I questioned God every day
My faith died with you
I never hope you’re in heaven
I don’t believe there’s a better place than the love we shared
I miss you baby
I do