Chains In Links

Cradling her laps, body at rest yet mind racing
He tried to calm his emotions and never succeeded
His was a case he hadn’t found in his medical books
He could feel the walls breaking in, but didn’t believe it
Body at rest yet mind racing, cradling her laps
Worlds apart, hand in hand in light
Physics told him opposites attract
Yet he couldn’t deny the chemistry between he and someone he was so much like
Seemingly at peace, mind in pieces
How could one person bring him as much pain as sadness?
Lips contoured in a smile, heart wrenched in grimace
He wondered how much longer he could survive, living like this
Lips entwined, feelings distant
How could he feel nothing for someone he’d shared a lot with?
He wondered, feeling all the weight of the wall falling now
He claimed not to love her, but why did she have so much control over his feelings
Eyes showing flames, heart powerfully cold
This was never part of the plan, he thought but couldn’t say
He stared in her eyes feigning as much love as he could muster
And she stared back, smiling because he was just another foolish prey

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