Green Wilts Jealousy

I once told you a story in hopes of getting sympathy
About a previous lover
She always wore black, a lot like you
And when she mourned, she wore yellow
Who couldn’t keep a guy for longer than 3 months
And how I thought I’d be the one to change her,
But the only change that occurred was the cracks on my pericardium from all the shattered pieces my heart was
I once told you about my ugly past
Thinking you’d make it all go away
So why did you turn out to be a victim just like me?
I plucked out a leaf today
It was bright green with a certain zing I couldn’t place
It had pale white stripes that followed it till its tips
I realized that plucking it out would just be me killing it
So I just dropped it
Is that what I did with you?
My twisted mind always had the allusion that you’d hurt me first
Yet you let your fucking guard down
Poseidon would find it funny if you tried to drown him
And Thor would have no power on a sunny day
So how did you allow me control the weather,
When I was a shipwrecked rainy night?
You never trust a broken hearted man
I was a psychedelic mess
You should have taken me to a shrink
Not inherit my symptoms
Yours sincerely,
I’m not sorry for what I did

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