Cursed Night 

Tonight, I finally decided to let go
My blade is like the Olympics,
I decided to start showing off my medals
Today, I started memorizing the details of her face
Cos I saw the way he held her in their pictures
I wouldn’t be seeing much of her after now
Tonight, my heart, be strong
Prepare for armageddon
Gravity is not a superstition
My heart was held in sculpted still hands
But it fell and shattered when I tried giving it out
She insisted he was only a friend,
But there was a glitter in her smile when she hugged him goodnight
Deep down, every poet just wants to be loved
My eyes are a stained window
Covered with the blood of my dashed hopes
My poetry was never fiction
I always blamed society for my problems
But there was no face to point to
The moment she turned her back on me, forever

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