One Storey 

Man, it’s been forever I wrote leisurely poetry. I miss writing asf, but there’s this girl called laziness. She’s riddled me and had me shackled in the haughty firmament of my own ideas. Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what brought you there in the first place and why exactly you’re there? Well, that’s just how I feel about life. What was I saying again? Yes, it’s been forever I penned down sky blue lines of blurry emotions; feelings detailed in anagrams. I reached out to Venus and asked for inspiration the other day; she told me she never stopped holding my hands. And maybe, just maybe I had lost my touch. I never believed a double entendre could be so deep. I miss writing poetry. I lost my step on a staircase, rolled into a bun, and landed on my self esteem. I heard my pride shatter in the distance. I used to be afraid of the dark, until I met her. The role of the dark should never be equated with ignorance, but the unknown, the unseen; such as God, music,  nightmares, Medusa, poetry, Fela, Sango, the human mind, Jesus, Da Vinci, Heaven, my black skin, hell, Marley, Dante, Ameh, Messi, Picasso, this poem, Africa. Darkness was never a thing to be afraid of. How strange it was seeing Satan on a butterfly. This wasn’t meant to be reasonable. I miss poetry.