Eve of Salvation

So sometimes I fall, out of heaven’s path, out of God’s view.
But this envelope called grace refuses to open me up to the jaws of Lucifer.
You see, if we were to weigh, see whose sin is bigger than the other, I’d turn out pretty close to Satan.
But God stopped counting tallies on the cross.
Some days, I crave evil and gravitate towards damnation; but redemption was engraved in my destiny and grace inscribed on my soul.
I am the spirit of imperfection, the eclipse witnessed at the crucifixion, the sinner that challenged God.
He knows I’m stupid, but fathers don’t stop loving their babies because they drool or shit on themselves.
Heaven still recognizes me, with my imperfections.
Heaven still recognizes me.


She’s strength
She’s love
A remnant of the mixture of fire and starlight
A residue of imperfection
She’s not always the best at breaking the ice,
So she’s the hollow quiet of the drunken night
The straight face of a mother, whose heart is melted beyond recognition
She is both the night king and the wall
She’s Ella
Her name is like strong vodka
Your tongue relishes it, but it’s fire in your belly
When you carry her, be careful
Not careful because she’s fragile and can break
Careful because she’s thunderstorm and avalanche, you could end up hurt
She tastes like the last note of a Mozart masterpiece
Sounds like Da Vinci’s paintbrush on the canvas of the Mona Lisa
She is the Mona Lisa
With a darker shade of skin, fuller lips and smaller eyes
A bigger backbone, strong enough to carry the tears of cinnamon
Don’t try to understand her
She’s Samson, but she’s also Delilah
A French metaphor translated to Greek
She’s bad laughter
She’s fire
You will fall in love if you don’t take precautions, including the following:
1. Stay the hell off her if you have bad intentions
2. Her tears were baked in heaven with the souls of a hundred archangels; don’t try to elicit them if you are not prepared for the wrath of God
She is the girl of your dreams, but she can also be your biggest nightmare
She is insecurities
Imperfection doesn’t go well with flawlessness, but she was never a fan of following rules
Don’t get too close if you’re not prepared to love both the hell and the heaven
Don’t get too close if you’re not prepared to love the Serpent with the Garden

Suicidal Jargon

It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the landing
So I closed my eyes and savoured every passing millisecond as though it all was eternity and I would never reach the ground
Wait, was that too forward? Was starting thIs from the end too unconventional?
I always thought about what it would be like after I died, who would be the first to forget?
Who would feign the most shock?
– I still don’t get how people are surprised to see others die
This is not meant to sound cliche, but everybody ends up dead –
It’s the one thing we can still rely on humans to do without failure
I always felt out of place in this realm, like I somehow got mixed up with another fetus and was thrown into this oblivion you other humans call your world
So I plotted my death, everyday I thought about taking my life
– “Taking my life”, that’s an intresting expression
Who was I taking it from?
Why did I act like it was ever mine?
Death, is something that happens to everybody, but the deceased
Even when life is over, it is not you who will miss it – I digress
I always wanted to know if ghosts were real
You see, I always perceived them to be the shadows that define our sunny summer days
The dusk that comes with the slow wind
I never believed in the metaphysical
But how do you prove something is not there, except you go in search for it in the first place?
So I was determined to see what was after life
Convinced as I was that the only thing I’d enjoy would be the peace and quiet of the eternal blackness
As my body landed the ground, one – no, several – thoughts flashed by my mind just before the 1.34 seconds of pain set in
I was only dying to see what was after, literally dying to know
I had always been called a pussy, this was super poetic because “curiosity killed this cat”