Suicidal Jargon

It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the landing
So I closed my eyes and savoured every passing millisecond as though it all was eternity and I would never reach the ground
Wait, was that too forward? Was starting thIs from the end too unconventional?
I always thought about what it would be like after I died, who would be the first to forget?
Who would feign the most shock?
– I still don’t get how people are surprised to see others die
This is not meant to sound cliche, but everybody ends up dead –
It’s the one thing we can still rely on humans to do without failure
I always felt out of place in this realm, like I somehow got mixed up with another fetus and was thrown into this oblivion you other humans call your world
So I plotted my death, everyday I thought about taking my life
– “Taking my life”, that’s an intresting expression
Who was I taking it from?
Why did I act like it was ever mine?
Death, is something that happens to everybody, but the deceased
Even when life is over, it is not you who will miss it – I digress
I always wanted to know if ghosts were real
You see, I always perceived them to be the shadows that define our sunny summer days
The dusk that comes with the slow wind
I never believed in the metaphysical
But how do you prove something is not there, except you go in search for it in the first place?
So I was determined to see what was after life
Convinced as I was that the only thing I’d enjoy would be the peace and quiet of the eternal blackness
As my body landed the ground, one – no, several – thoughts flashed by my mind just before the 1.34 seconds of pain set in
I was only dying to see what was after, literally dying to know
I had always been called a pussy, this was super poetic because “curiosity killed this cat”

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