Eve of Salvation

So sometimes I fall, out of heaven’s path, out of God’s view.
But this envelope called grace refuses to open me up to the jaws of Lucifer.
You see, if we were to weigh, see whose sin is bigger than the other, I’d turn out pretty close to Satan.
But God stopped counting tallies on the cross.
Some days, I crave evil and gravitate towards damnation; but redemption was engraved in my destiny and grace inscribed on my soul.
I am the spirit of imperfection, the eclipse witnessed at the crucifixion, the sinner that challenged God.
He knows I’m stupid, but fathers don’t stop loving their babies because they drool or shit on themselves.
Heaven still recognizes me, with my imperfections.
Heaven still recognizes me.

2 thoughts on “Eve of Salvation

    1. Yes, totally. Lucifer is a candid example of what happens when we take grace for granted, but the point of this piece is just that we’re imperfect no matter how hard we try, and God is always willing to accept us back if we’re willing to go back to him.
      In my opinion, even Lucifer can repent and be saved.


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