Species and Specialties 

The most difficult part is always the start
No matter how good we get to become at keeping history, the most important dates in our lives are always somewhat a blur
It is the memory of your grand mother about the first time she saw the love of her life, who turns out to not be your grand father, by the way; but she’s been struggling with dementia for years
Time is all the laughter and tears and heartbreaks you might not remember tomorrow
Time is the trickle of emotions the first time your favourite person calls you their favourite person
Time is imperfect, just like this poem, just like you
Not meant to be shared, but kept at the darkest corridor of my closeted heart because predators roam the surface of this realm
Time is love
It is the first time I wrote down a eulogy for you, because I realized I was in love with your soul
Time is the aftermath of what the tears on your lips taste like
It is the moment your spine was replaced with a crowbar to help you carry the weight of your cross
It is effort. It is you, laid on the floor, not breathing and me wondering if I should wait ten more minutes before mourning my best friend
Time is confusing, just like you
It is you having the same sense of humour as Jesus, how you make jokes about your pain, just like him
Remember how he smiled on the cross?
It is the way you break norms by the very breath you breathe
Time is pun intended, it is the taste of death at the tip of your tongue
It is the metaphor you call your skin
It is the sketch lines of God you refer to as stretch marks
Time is a spell, just like your face when you convince me to do the things I swore not to
It is the sass in your voice
The timbre in your breath
The persistence of your soul
The edge in the rhythm of your thoughts
It is the blackmail you call your voice
Time is scary
Some days, I’m afraid to look in your face because it might turn out to be the last time
Time is an irony
Life is judged by the number of people that attend our funeral, that volunteer to carry our caskets
So how am I content with just you being there?
Time is misery, just like you
But time is also laughter and awkward music and one piece anime stories
Time is right now, it is this
It is me being a witness to your heartbeat
Time is forgetful, just like you
Sardines are processed meat, so how are you so much of an irony
You’re nothing but wild flower
I always imagined I could never love something so vague, someone so ambiguous
A person so stressful
Time is vengeful
The most difficult part is always the start