This Is Not A Poem, It’s A Dilemma

I met an angel
And I don’t mean that in the corny way guys refer to girls these days
I met a girl that literally made me not recall my middle name
She’s the type of beautiful that makes colours have sound and music smell like expensive cologne
Her face would make you forget about wanting to kill yourself for a second
If you ever saw a flower so stunning it made you smile on a bad day
A flower so appealing, even the hardest guy you know looked at it and said, “that flower kinda looks nice”
A flower that smells like heaven
What would you do, if you ever came across such a flower?
Would you pluck if off, or just leave it right there so someone else can appreciate the perfection?
I’m literally in a jinx, because I know I want you
Scratch that, I need you. I don’t want to let you go
But I also know I’m not worth you, and would hurt you if I tried to pluck you
Do you believe you could meet your soul mate at the wrong time?
I wish we met for the first time next year
This is a dilemma

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