I have tried, but it seems I would never learn how to love you
I am far too engineered, far too imperfect to hold anything and not try to improve it
So I keep getting scared of putting your rounded fragile heart in the hollow of my shaky palm
You see, your heart does not need improving
You are my level up
Stay with me
The flavour in the sound of your fast-paced breathing blesses me with the curse of Ondine
My chest is covered in a thick sheet of latex, which is to say, I did my best to protect my heart from love
Yet somehow I got infected with the need to inhale your smile every single day I’m alive
Which is not very common as I’m only alive two times in a week
Yet I continuously want to gaze at the petals of your lips
My pocket is pretty deep, not with money, but like a box, filled with unanswered prayers
You are an unanswered prayer, because I wished you far away from me so I don’t corrupt the perfection in your personality
Yet somehow, the attraction keeps growing stronger than my will to not hurt you
You whisper floodlight, when my soul swears it wants blackouts
You are the metaphor in the tone of my anguish
The coloured freckles on your pale beautiful face are an anagram for my intentions towards you
You are the crimson cord guiding me away from the broken figments of my feeble heart
Sending me towards the mirror of hope that you call your eyes
I am nothing but the mirage of a lost boy in the rain; you trying to hug me would only leave you drenched and alone
Yet you, striding like the leader of a women market march, unafraid of the eventualities of my troubled mind peeking into your peace and grasping the silence of your happiness from the brim of your mouth, leaving you tongue-tied for the rest of eternity
You, even with all the possibilities before you, still choose to love me
You still decide to make me the centre of your happiness
How on earth am I supposed to not fall in love with the tower of graceful spillage of white wine that you are?
It seems I would never know how to love you, it seems I would never learn how to love you
But I would rather stumble across the right way to broaden the spectrum of devotion I bear towards you
Than let it fester, and allow my appetite for your heart wane like surname of Batman
I love you, the same way this poem was written; rushed, but with good intentions
And though it seems I would never learn how to really love you, I hope we stumble upon it together, every day we stare at the sunset through the bespectacled lenses of our frail souls.
I hope we stumble, together.
Stay with me.