Last night I told you I loved you
Last night, you too fell prey to my tasteless tact
You, like everyone else I’ve ever met, chose to ignore my caveat, and put your heart on my bruised jittery thighs
Thighs even I hate and continue to make bloodied lines on
My actions have always been a reflection of my mind state
And my mind is broken, much more than my heart ever could be
So how do you then expect me to reciprocate a feeling I despise?
To love you and not try to hurt you with my lies?
What do you expect when you put your head through guillotine?
How are you shocked I want you and your species as broken as me?
This is not what you deserve
But, I always say life has never been fair

Impure Bliss

One day, you will look back to this exact moment
This one that has your grinning from one ear to the other
This exact same one that you think is your favourite in the entire world
And you would despise it.
You will hate yourself for having loved it so much
You will call yourself dumb and stupid and foolish for being so deceived
You will think of all the things you could have achieved with this same time you wasted being happy with someone so deceptive
You will hate me.
Right now, I am your source of happiness
But you will look back and see me as the villain
Your story will have me looking like the devil
One day, you will abhor me for loving you so deceptively
But not today.
Today, bask in this false hope of what our tomorrow might look like
Let’s forget about all the bad omens.
Kiss my lips and love how they kiss back
Cuddle me in this warm embrace
Love me now
Let me claim to love you back
Be the man of your dreams and reality
Tomorrow is not important.
One day, you will miss this.
But not today.