Risen For The Season

Body, soul and heart
A constellation of humanity
The aggregation of God’s disgust to sin
Forehead, chest, left, right shoulder
The sign of the cross
A symbol of remembrance of resurrection
Perfect from before the start
God pierced in his side and also his heart
Put on a tree to cross out sin cos of us
The irony of having to die to secure life.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
The three days it took to defeat sin and the grave
When all of heaven and earth and hell stood still
God too understood what it meant to cry.
Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani
Forsaken by the very one who sent him to die
Beaten within an inch of his everlasting life
Stripped of the same breath he breathed into man at the beginning.
Easter, the bread of life comes alive
A reminder of God’s amnesia to man’s sins
It is finished – the declaration of forgiveness of a prodigal son by his father
Go and sin no more.
Forehead, chest, left, right shoulder
The sign of how much it took to obtain freedom
A symbol of the hurt he felt in his spirit
Body, soul and heart
All which are now made whole by his blood
The proof that God can love humanity again

Solar Confessions

The sun, even as bright as it is, has a halo.
Much like you did the first day my eyes were locked with yours.
It’s a miracle, like magic.
Not in the sense of being fake, instead alluring.
You, much like my best daydream.
You, a lot like the first item on my bucket list.
You, with the capacity to knock the wind off my chest.
You are magical.
With the ability to saw me in half and still leave me smiling.
With the power to attach each piece of my broken heart into something beautiful.
Much like you, all powerful.
You see, you somehow made me magic too.

Sleep Deprived

What does failure feel like?
How does regret taste on the tongue?
At what moment do you feel the downcast swell in your belly?
What is the maximum dosage for pain?
When can your heart no longer bear the hurt?
How fast can you get dehydrated from crying?
These are the questions that run through my mind
While my eyes get stuck ajar all night
I despise the smell of petrichor on my bed
The rain has left my cheeks soaked again
I’m drowning from the hurt I feel in my head
This anguish is driving me insane
See, depression is not merely a feeling
It’s a sickness that hurts from within
Insomnia has gotten its claws round my neck
So I nicked my carotid and loved the feeling
They say death is not the end to pain
Yet I can palpate the serotonin rush in my brain
Alive, I was starved of sleep
But in death, I shall never suffer from insomnia again.

Hell’s Tapestry

At what point does it become too much?
Falling in love, that is
When does it all become a little boring?
What is the count on these things?
A few months ago, I promised myself I was done with romance
My heart had gotten broken for the last time
Cupid would never catch me unguarded anymore
I closed my heart’s doors and window blinds
But what do you do when you experience perfection?
Is it possible to stare at heaven and look away?
Further proof that the world is out to get me
Having my breath taken away by the world’s first wonder
You – the first time my eyes were blessed by the reflection of light against your face
I cussed beneath my breath, grabbed cupid by the throat and slammed him on the floor
I could not believe he had got me again, so easily
And all it took was for you to relax the Velcro of your lips in my direction
I pride myself in being a wordsmith
But the constellation of characters in my vocabulary became water heated beyond its boiling point and vanished into thin air when I attempted to speak
Love is a charade, love is a charade, and I’ve convinced myself
Yet the bars I put around my heart melted like candle with fire when I heard your voice
You, the unforsaken abomination my mind is yet to comprehend
You, the reason for my gastroenteritis from having too many butterflies in my tummy
I never believed a human could possess all this power without even intending to wield it
You are a proof of existence of miracles
I want to love you till every fibre of my heart’s muscle knows your name
The kind of love where I strive to be my best, just for you
Where I have to change my call plan to one that allows me to talk to you for longer
To love you with all the shattered pieces of my fragmented heart
I want love – and just with you
To love you until I forget my ex-girlfriend’s first name
Till I forget how devastating heartbreak felt like
I want to love you – just you
And not for a long time
But forever.