Risen For The Season

Body, soul and heart
A constellation of humanity
The aggregation of God’s disgust to sin
Forehead, chest, left, right shoulder
The sign of the cross
A symbol of remembrance of resurrection
Perfect from before the start
God pierced in his side and also his heart
Put on a tree to cross out sin cos of us
The irony of having to die to secure life.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
The three days it took to defeat sin and the grave
When all of heaven and earth and hell stood still
God too understood what it meant to cry.
Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani
Forsaken by the very one who sent him to die
Beaten within an inch of his everlasting life
Stripped of the same breath he breathed into man at the beginning.
Easter, the bread of life comes alive
A reminder of God’s amnesia to man’s sins
It is finished – the declaration of forgiveness of a prodigal son by his father
Go and sin no more.
Forehead, chest, left, right shoulder
The sign of how much it took to obtain freedom
A symbol of the hurt he felt in his spirit
Body, soul and heart
All which are now made whole by his blood
The proof that God can love humanity again

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