Passions Against Christ

Another Christmas, but it’s far from merry

Difficult to be when you’re only mentioned in the dark

A celebration I should be a part of, or at least mentioned in

Has been put above the reach of my soul and my heart

Shh, the night should be silent

Ouu, the savior of the world is born tonight

Let the world come to a standstill because of its “savior’s” birth

The people that walk in darkness shall see a great light

But how can a light be seen without a spark?

How would you get the seas if there were no rivers?

See, as important as Jesus is, so was John the Baptist

If I didn’t come first, how would the world be delivered?

Oh, he must be special, because he came to die

But I too was beheaded, with no hope for resurrection

Born a few months before, but asked to mature with such speed

While he took his time to announce his “glorious” intentions

John is a lot like me, the forgotten string of the guitar

Bringing stability and completion, but never the glitter

I too came before, preparing several ways

And was tossed aside at the end, my great memories erased

I am Lucifer, God’s bright and morning star

But you call me Beelzebub, certain I originated from sin

See, that same Jesus you call your master and lord

When he was in heaven, I too was with him

“Here comes Satan and his demons, he must be jealous of Christ”

When I, like Judas, have had my story riddled with lies

See, he sold Jesus, certain he wouldn’t let himself be captured

But the shepherd let down his sheep despite the great powers Judas was assured

I am not the author of evil, I am just like you

Your family calls you the dark sheep, because you’re misunderstood

See, we are alike, for all have sinned

My transgression is not much different from that of human beings

But alas I have been damned, for no real cause

My greatest ever sin was questioning my boss

Banished from my home, cast away like a slave

I was sent down – just like your Jesus – but with no hopes to be saved

Why do you all deserve a second chance, but not ol’ me?

I too deserve a place at repentance, it’s only right you agree.

Why do you all deserve a second chance, but not ol’ me?

I too deserve a place at repentance, it’s only right you agree.

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