Truth Or Dare

“Close your eyes, count to five then guess what Barbra is putting on”
“Kiss Daniel for one minute without touching” “Mm this is fun”
“Take off two pieces of clothing”
“Put four fingers down your throat without choking”
“What’s your most embarrassing moment?”
“Grind on your opponent”
“What’s your biggest secret?”

After billions of years of evolution, man starts the faster process of devolving
And O, we’re all caught in this.
Who really started this among us?
Us, overgrown primates
Us, blinded by overreaching vision
After centuries of secrets being kept as the most sacred sanctimonious bond between two parties
Our youths – and adults alike – have learnt the art of sharing them in a game they play out of boredom
Secrets are now kept for fun
What next?