Call me crazy
It’s just your opinion
You were the one who said you loved me
My mother taught me that once you’re in love, it should last forever
We’re lasting forever whether you want it or not
If you ever say you want out
I would write you music
I can’t write songs but I will fill your eyes with symphonies of my body
And your lips with mine
I’ll make your heartbeat rhyme with mine
And you’ll watch me
And would be unable to run
Because it would be in your dreams
You’ll wake up with me staring down your forehead
And I’ll track your every move
You would never be able to escape
Cos even if I somehow died, my ghost would live in your living room
But we could avoid all this if you just love me for eternity just like it should be
I’m not crazy
I’m just crazy in love

Random Love Poem

You keep telling me about all the pains I could suffer, staying with you like it’s a prison
About the possibility of me being forever heartbroken because you could die anytime from parkisonism
About the struggles we would have to go through because of the rapidly increasing dementia and your ill health
How often do you tell yourself that to send you far away from yourself?
Maybe I should tell you
On that railway on that Saturday afternoon when you walk past my car holding your dog in your arms
After we had gone three years of being separated because you had to move to Hawaii with your dad
At that moment, I chose to stay with you through thick and thin
And never leave your side again
I chose this
Just like I chose you
And no matter what you do, make yourself believe or make me go through
Best understand you’re stuck with me for eternity
Even after our deaths
So stop trying