Third week of May

And apparently it has become a tradition for students of my school – not just girls, but also their male counterparts – to wait outside the hostels and scream in mock and admiration and a whole lot of mixed feelings in a bid to appreciate the dresses and dinner attires of the beautifully sculpted students as they stride to the venue of the occasion. What pure joy seems to cover the face of a student when they walk past and hear screams from fellow students complimenting their sense of fashion. This happens once a year – towards the middle of a 52 week calendar. And I don’t refer to April fool’s day. Oh the mockery. The stupidity of our human ego has a zing often confused to be the same as the ego, called pride. It’s all so beautiful, so pleasing to the eyes, so wonderful. How boys stretch-forth-arm-hold their dates and walk to the venue of the event like it is their last walk on this surface. Only to be disappointed and find out their dinner is going to be carried out without tables or without the celebrity they thought had been invited.

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