Hey Ma

Maybe I was in too much of a rush trying to part from the only thing that had given me real joy – lol – since my birth. I was a bit too willing to leave my happiness for memories and good poems. You were the most important event that ever happened to me, after gastrulation. And though this might seem like I’m sounding poetic, or I’m trying to be nice like you claim I always am, or I’m just lying like I do a lot, but I really truly actually miss you, and us.
Remember those days yeah? Do you think about them often? We’d sit talking about a whole lot of nothings. All day, everyday. “Babe don’t leave yet, wait till 7 please?” “But my curfew time is 6” “You stay in the bq. You can always sneak in” A few smiles and a lot more kisses. I liked how you kissed. But I didn’t like the look on your face whenever we did. You looked like a child kept away from breast milk for too long and finally returned back to it. Lol. It was only later I realized that that meant how much you couldn’t get enough of me. Me. That makes me feel too inadequate every time. Man. I miss you.

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