Take a look in your eyes, what do you see? What image comes on?
I can never really tell for sure. It always looks like a mix of awesome and imperfection
My mind projects you in so many lights
But the one that makes the most sense is something about
How your curves are projected on your lips
How you toss your smile around. Turns my world around, you’re my sun and Eclipse
If every gyrus on your brain were to represent how much I adored you
There’d be no smooth surface. I can never afford to –
Bear to lose you. Or even survive
Which sounds weird since you’re not even mine
Your smile is really like Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper
And all your flaws are represented by the Holy Grail, because they’re absent.
And the disciples are your cheeks
Because Jesus is your lips.
Can I Judas him with my tongue and bury him in my frenulum upper room?
I’ve stalked you all my life, and it might seem creepy
But I can’t wait for when it won’t be a serial killer move when I watch you sleep in
Because it’ll be under my roof
And we’ll be married. And we’d plant a tree. And our love would be the root.
Baby there’s a glint in your eyes
Would you love me more if I could Captain-America-into your heart and blood vessels?
Would I be more attractive if I survived suicide?

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