Public Service Announcement

Loving is an essentiality of existence. It is a part of survival in this loveless life. You need to love people to make it through every day being able to stare at their faces. You need to love life so much to have nightmares yet letting yourself go each time the sleep beckons. You need to love your family, your education, your religion. But this one most important necessity that should most be loved, yet many people sacrifice to love others; you need to love yourself. You shouldn’t love anything more. Look yourself in the mirror and appreciate you. Tell yourself how good of a person you are; how awesome your personality is. It isn’t pride if it is true. Don’t in a bid to being humble, deny yourself of your right to loving yourself as much as that person that wants you to bend and change to their own standards, love themselves. Love you. This is a public service announcement. ✊✊

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