Psalm 8:4

There’s a light-house across the hills,
There’s one across the sea;
Have you seen the Light-house?
Behold it, yes I can see;
Jesus is the Light-house
Given to us by the Father;
Grace that we’re not even worth,
Bountifully, God gathers;

Even in my distress, God saves,
Though I’m a sinful man;
He puts His eyes on me, though,
I’m me, simple Sam;
Though the way be narrow,
Be there turmoils and troubles;
God guides me along my path,
O, blessings more than double;

Jesus first loved me forever,
At night, noon, love that’s norcturnal;
I pray to meet Him in Heaven,
Where my praise’ll be total, even lyrical;
So much love I wish I could return,
How can I learn to love Him so?
So much love He has for me,
I’ll take some to give Him back, I’ll borrow;

Jesus, O He loves me without distress,
And doesn’t ask that I repay;
And to make Heaven which is my interest,
I just have to do as He says.

PS: I just came across this piece – which I don’t remember writing – on Facebook from four years back.

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