She’s strength
She’s love
A remnant of the mixture of fire and starlight
A residue of imperfection
She’s not always the best at breaking the ice,
So she’s the hollow quiet of the drunken night
The straight face of a mother, whose heart is melted beyond recognition
She is both the night king and the wall
She’s Ella
Her name is like strong vodka
Your tongue relishes it, but it’s fire in your belly
When you carry her, be careful
Not careful because she’s fragile and can break
Careful because she’s thunderstorm and avalanche, you could end up hurt
She tastes like the last note of a Mozart masterpiece
Sounds like Da Vinci’s paintbrush on the canvas of the Mona Lisa
She is the Mona Lisa
With a darker shade of skin, fuller lips and smaller eyes
A bigger backbone, strong enough to carry the tears of cinnamon
Don’t try to understand her
She’s Samson, but she’s also Delilah
A French metaphor translated to Greek
She’s bad laughter
She’s fire
You will fall in love if you don’t take precautions, including the following:
1. Stay the hell off her if you have bad intentions
2. Her tears were baked in heaven with the souls of a hundred archangels; don’t try to elicit them if you are not prepared for the wrath of God
She is the girl of your dreams, but she can also be your biggest nightmare
She is insecurities
Imperfection doesn’t go well with flawlessness, but she was never a fan of following rules
Don’t get too close if you’re not prepared to love both the hell and the heaven
Don’t get too close if you’re not prepared to love the Serpent with the Garden

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